Famous Wayfarer Glasses Will Never Fade Away
29.09.2013 22:07

Have you ever wondered what the story behind the ever stylish and ever popular Wayfarer glasses is? It is quite interesting to know that the makers of this classic style had no idea of the impact that was to come in the fashion scene. Sixty years ago, the wayfarer was launched and it became the iconic fashion accessory that people have come to love, even until today. Just like different trends, it takes a culture and a group of influencers to introduce an item and make it quite revolutionary.

It was Ray Ban that first introduced the Wayfarer style in 1952, unknowing of how it would later contribute to the fashion of eyeglasses in the years to come. Even its creators did not realize how long it would last in the fashion industry. The first time the Wayfarer appeared in public, they had black frames and lenses, and the style was picked up in tinsel town, namely, Hollywood. The trend then rippled across beat culture and street fashion like no other. Even when the aviators were popular that time, Wayfarers had a different appeal and it changed the landscape of eyewear forever. Back in the 1950s, the style of Wayfarers having the earpieces at the top of the frame was revolutionary.

Not every fad or piece stays popular forever. The Wayfarer style has dipped and soared over the past six decades since its first release in terms of popularity. But it is amazing to note that this style never went out of fashion because of the classic design, and it is absolutely superior when it comes to eye protection against the harsh rays of the sun. Even top celebrities are as diverse as the ones who first wore them in Hollywood over sixty years ago. It seemed that back in the 60s and 70s, street culture and American culture in general had one thing in mind: anyone who wore sunglasses was bound to own a pair of Wayfarers. 

If you are out shopping for sunglasses and think that Wayfarers are a good choice for you, you can maximize its benefits apart from the style factor it offers. Now when it comes to Wayfarers, the best face shape it complements is oval. Well honestly, people with oval shaped faces are lucky because just about any frame shape flatter their face and they have the freedom to choose which shape best they like to wear for the day. They can even play around with different colors and styles and this allows for switching sunglass styles endlessly. On the other hand, this is also the face shape that aviators and Wayfarers complement best. 

As for skin color, if you are fair, you can choose dark-colored frames to contrast against your natural skin color and if you have medium or dark skin color, the soft shades and light colors can do great highlights and accessories to bring out your features. However, when it comes to fashion and personal style, you can experiment and do as you please! There are really no hard rules in fashion.

What is great about Wayfarers is that they tend to inject an old school, vintage appeal to any outfit that you happen to have on. Wayfarers can have an undeniably fashionable element; it can be a combination of grunge, hip and classy. It is an icon when it comes to both street and high fashion and you cannot deny that since it already survived sixty years as an icon, it can still take a few decades more.

California sun is harsh. It was then that Hollywood royalty started wearing Wayfarer glasses to shield their eyes from the glaring sun when they were in studio backlots. One advantage of Wayfarers is that they look great on all face shapes, and it looked amazing on the celebrities which were an advantageous side benefit for the style of glasses. Its endorsers were also no joke, the roster included names like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Kim Novak. One thing about the style is that 60 years since its “birth”, it is still popular. President Kennedy wore them in the 60s, and President Obama has been photographed in them 60 years later. Even modern day celebrities have been spotted in them. Big fans of the Wayfarer are Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Sienna Miller.

The Wayfarer is a classic and a badass. This is what makes it a mainstay really. Because of its high popularity, there are already some tweaks and minor differences made and there are now different Wayfarer models in the market; the classic RB2140 and the new RB2132.
The classic RB2140 is the closest to the original 1952 model that you can get these days and it absolutely screams old school. The lens are anywhere between 50-54mm and the frames have a slow, sexy incline making it look fit and tailored on almost anyone who wears it even in the classic black on black color scheme.

The new RB2132 Wayfarer is smaller and has a more modern appeal, flaunting a softer eye shape compared to the original. These days you can get them in prescription friendly and polarized lenses, as well as brighter colors too like pink and aqua. 


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