Be Cool at the Nerd Themed Party
18.08.2014 12:13

We have been talking a lot about cool accessories, but life is quite unpredictable even for mature fashionista – sometimes it can happen that you need to create an image of a sort of nerd, whether for a party or just to make a relevant impression to a party concerned.

In fact, create a nerd look is not so simple, it is necessary to make some efforts. This will require your imagination and our advice:


The worse the trousers are, the better. If you want to look like a real dork, the best option is to go for tight and slightly short trousers, which will limit your movements – this will help you walk awkwardly. You can add a long belt which will hang below the pocket. The same can be combined with suspenders.


The best way to recreate the right look is to go for short sleeves shirt with disproportionately large patch pockets on the chest. In addition, to emphasize the image even more, you can wear a tight t-shirts with characters like Addams Family or others just under your shirt. Make sure you tuck your shirt into jersey pants – and you are almost ready to go!


Color mismatch of socks, pants and shoes serves a good combination when creating a costume. In addition, under short pants or shorts, the best option is to put on a pair of long, thick white socks. The thicker – the better, especially if you are wearing Bermuda shorts and sandals.


An ideal match to your ready-made costume are bowling shoes, or any trampled sandals. It is noticed that botanists prefer black, faded sneakers that will undoubtedly complement your style.


If you are a lucky owner of long silky hair, collect your tresses in a ponytail. Since most nerds do not look after their hair, it is advisable to give them a greasy look, it can be done with a bit of hair gel. To complete your look, put a pen or pencil behind your ear.

The key to creating a perfect nerd image is to use the right accessories. Some mandatory items may include:

  • Glasses – find a large black-rimmed glasses (check Amazon for some fantastic officers) and glue a piece of blue masking tape between the lenses.
  • Watches – another great is watch, preferably with obsolete electronic dial, which can be used as a calculator.
  • Tie – no self-respecting nerd would come to the public without a tie (butterfly). Check your grand-father wardrobe for some items with the most unpleasant color. Remember to combine it with thick suspenders that will enhance your look.
  • Backpack – most nerds are bookworms, which means you have to carry around a huge backpack. If there is no backpack any bright colored bag will be suitable, too!

Having listened to our advice, you will be able to create the costume that any nerd will envy! But be careful, sometimes a newly created costume looks better that your average daily costume as it may appear more fashionable and creative. Anyway, enjoy the party!


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